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NES Version


Get the Nes English Ghostbusters game or Nes English Ghostbusters game (HARDER) plus its emulator to run it on your computer. DOS emulator.Works in a Win9x DOS Box.


The game file itself (the .nes file) is common to all the platforms
There's also a Japanese version of the game, if you want it tell me

For other platform (MacOS, Unix, DOS...) emulator check Zophar Domain.


Setup Help

  • Emulator provided:

NESticle x.xx for DOS ( works in a Win9x Dos Box)

  • System Requirements:



486 66 / 8 MB Ram

Reccomended :

Pentium 166 + 16MB RAM / Sound Card / Joypad-Joystick / FAST Video Card ( especially if run in a Dos Box)
Sound Card must be Soundblaster Compatible.
VESA 2.0 Extensions

  • Instructions:
  1. Unzip the Archive file contaning the Emulator in a new Folder (Directory! that's the real name for a Folder ! Damn!)
  2. Unzip the Archive file contaning the game ( either gbgame.nes or gb2game.nes) in a Folder
  3. Run NESticle by clicking on the NESticle.exe icon. A black screen appear with a menu bar.
  4. From the SETTINGS MENU verify that there is a tick near the toggle sound option. Then choose the SETTINGS/SOUND.. command and activate all the options.
  5. Choose the SETTINGS/INPUT DEVICES to configure your Keyboard/Joypad/Joystick keys
  6. Select the SETTINGS/RESOLUTION and choose the 320x240 resolution ( or the nearer to this one)
  7. Give the FILE/LOAD ROM command and browse to the .nes file of the game ( gbgame.nes or gb2game.nes)
  8. Press Space bar to hide the menubar while playing. Play! as it was a Real NES!
  9. FILE/EXIT quits the emulator

Keys from 1 to 0 activate save slots. You can save to a file your currect position in an activated slot by pressing F5 and reload it by pressing F8.

Also you probably may need to deactivate some options for speed up the emulation on your systtem.


Sound in DOS emulators

For DOS EMULATOR you should ALWAYS check for the SET BLASTER envirnment setting string in you autoexec.bat.
Proceed as follow :

Type "SET" at the DOS prompt. If the Set BLASTER string is not listed add it just type "SET BLASTER=Axxx Iy Dz T4" where xxx is the Soundcard base addrees (normally 220), y is the Soundcard IRQ address (normally 5 or 7) and z is your Soundcard DMA address (normally 1). To know them you can check the settings in the Control Panel of Win9x by giving the CONTROL PANEL/SYSTEM/DEVICE MANAGER command, choose your Soundcard and clicking PROPRITIES/RESOURCES. A good idea is to add the string to the AUTOEXEC.BAT. Just run Notepad open autoexec.bat ( located in c:\) and add the "Set..." somewhere. Restart the computer. Once that done you will not need to check for the string again.

This imply that you have a Soundblaster compatible sound card.

This does not apply for emulaots which offer nativesupport for other soundcards such the Gravis Ultrasound or Ensoniq Soundscape....


VESA 2.0

The VESA 2.0 Extentions are a set of functions in your Video Card BIOS that permits to reach diffrent Video modes and resolutions ( such 320x240 ,400x300 or 512x384 (also supported by DirectDraw) and , most important a better memory management. (eg The Linear Frame Buffer). This lead to a BIG Performance Increase.Your Video Card may come with such exetentions built in the BIOS ( all the MAXTROX Cards like the Mystique do) but in case it don't ,which is in the 90% of odds, you can use a software to adds them. The best software to do so is Scitech Display Doctor (aka Univbe) This Software once installed adds all the Vesa Extensions ( up to v 3.0 nowdays). for Windows 9x and/or DOS



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