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NES Version


Ghostbusters NES busting sequence (5K)To begin with, I didn't even know that this game was ever relaesed in Europe or USA, I found it for pure luck on a Emulation site and I grabbed it at once .OK so I activate my emulator , "put" the game in and it starts. First thing you notice is that there is no theme music on the main title screen nor the "no ghost" O in the Ghostbusters word. OK , this is nothing. Then the map shows up on screen as in the others 8bit game versions

Ghostbusters NES  map screen (5K)There is one difference though, the GS building. GS stands for Gas Station, in fact among the other "standard" factors of the GB Videogames you also have to care about the Gasoline Level on your ECTO-1. Another difference is that you do not start at the shop but have to reach it before starting the game.

As far as the GFX are concerned , they are generally roughly done except the map which look good. Also some "exclusive graphics" have been produced for the ECTO-1 driving sequence.

The GFX in the busting sequence aren't similar to nothing I've seen before. The GB sprite are roughly drawn with even a hat! I've to admit that they sucks, I read somewhere on the net that they have been ripped from another early NES game...

Ghostbusters NES Ecto-1 sequence (5K)The other GFX aren't better neither,The Ecto-1 sequence are served by empty spaces and relatevely small cars The only good grapchis I found , along with the map is trhe climbing StayPuft you find at the end.

In fact I think this is one of the most poorly detailed version along with the A2600 which is horrible but this lack of beauty will be easily forgotten by nostalgic players or GB fans.

The sound is not "high" quality as the Commodore version. No Music theme at the title screen , as previously stated, and not even Digital sounds . As for the gameplay it has been made a lot harder by adding cars on the streets that can reduce your credits if you crash in to them or by adding the fuel factor. In the second part of the game you have to climb the shandor building .... all the 22 floors!! That's what is called movie accurancy. the last part is the best where you need to shoot at Gozer to destroy him before Stay Puft reach you (too bad for movie accurancy...) you can actually see Say Puft progressing.

Surely the hardest version I've played. Thus, if you are a Master Buster and played all the other version try this one out to test your skills


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