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Amiga / Atari ST Version


Your are not going the believe me but I never played this game before! Strange huh? Well you know who to call...Ok, that you have called let's start the review.

Ghostbusters II sewer sequence (12K)It is obvious that this game totally different for the one on IBM-PC. In fact this is the official license for GB2 also (ported to Commodore 64), on PC , as explained on the its review, we got a special edition. This version consist in 3 parts representing the 3 principal scenes in the movie. The discover of the slime river, the Statue of the liberty ride a,d the final Vigo confrontation. Three levels you have complete on order to save the world...again. I'm not going to remember you the movies script so we gonna analyze the 3 stages singularly. Don't worry it will not take too long!


Ghostbusters II  Libby sequnce (9K)The game starts with a introduction , featuring digitized screenshots from the movie, which explain you the story about Oscar's incident and the successive investigation made by Egon and Ray which lead them to dig on the starts the first level. You have to guide Ray in the deepness of the tunnel to get some Mood Slime sample. But this time , contrary to the movie, you are fully packed with ammo and weapons , from the standard Proton Pack , to the Ecto shield passing through the proton bomb which will be very useful to squeeze through hands , flying Class 5 spooks and other calamities.


Ghostbusters II Vigo confrontation (11K)Troubles increase as explained in the 2nd digitized intro, you need a little help .. maybe a BIG one! Thus you take the Libby statue and have 10 min to reach the museum of art. This sequences is basically a Shoot'em up which a little addition , you have to manage you slime level by sending people to collect it on the road and be careful that the latter is not being exterminated by ghosts. This is a nice little addition which make this level more interesting than expected. The last level in the Museum of art. It's by far the most cool level of the three. You have to control the 4 GB to save Oscar on annihilate Vigo. You'd better watch the movie again before trying this stage


Ghostbusters II digitized screenshot (5K)Let's talk about the tech stuff. The GFX are very good (light-years away from the first license Videogames hehe 5 year late after all) and the digitized screenshot are very well realized. The animation is fluent and detailed!. Music is great on both version , although the Amiga have the best musical part of the two. SFX are honest and , again , a little better on the Amiga. The gameplay is very pleasant with the 3 different type of levels. My personal favorite is the Museum of Art which is also damn hard. Play it you will not regret it


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