Released in 1989, published by Activision


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This should be and introduction text...uhm... Ladies and gentlemen; Activison and its partners , after a long and stressful development session proudly presents you the adaptation for the Commodore 64 computer system of the official game of one of the most successful movies of 1989: "The best, the beautiful, the only!" Ghostbusters II !!!!!!!!.....Standing Ovation!! What and intro!!!

. For the absolute game machine ( the C64 is the system with the major number of games ever produced) Activision remade everything from the beginning. While the CPC has a scaled down GFX from the Amiga/AtariST for the C64 the GFX were redrawn entirely. The GUI changed (at least in the first level),having icons placed on the bottom of the screen instead of left. This is quite basic since the icons are blue squares with a elementary rappresenration of the weapon /rope /scope. Some one may state that's better than an overcharged status panel as the Atari-Amiga/CPC version , however the additional resulting free space on the side does not seems to have been correctly used as evident black borders are visible. See the image on the left

The digitized screenshot from the movie are rendered quite well considering the low resolution of the C64, and has not the unestetichal yellow palette of the CPC
Sound are "normal" with the as always well done GB theme due the C64 soundchip but probably not as good as the GB1 game. For the rest is honest. Where the C64 is strong is normally in the gameplay , and in fact, even this time the C64 version prove to be more playable than the CPC , its most similar system, dunno why it is so but the controls seems to react better and the feel of overloaded game caused by too much GFX , not present here nor in the AtariST-Amiga but in the CPC, make the GB2 C64 make it nicer to play.

Docs and Cheats

Here follow the GB2 COMMODORE 64 docs based on Game Experience:


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Get the Commodore 64 Ghostbusters II game plus its emulator to run it on your computer. DOS emulator. Works in a Win9x Dos Box

Instructions and infos on how to launch and use the emulator are here.


For other platform (MacOS, Unix, Win...) emulator check Zophar Domain.

Note: the game file itself (the .D64 file) is common to all the platforms.