Realesed in 1990 published by Activision . Developped by HAL LAB Inc.. under Licence.


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I've looked for this game for 3 months jumping from one Web site to another and finally got it! Damn I like this game! I've played it ... yes you are right ...8 years later in a toy shop did you guessed?. Actually the same Toy shop where I played the NES GB2 and that's probably why I've confused one game with the other. I was sure I've played it in colors... pbrobably with a Super Gameboy adapter..Ok, ok...understood...let's review it....

As you can se immediactly the GBs have suffered some estatichal changes (as in the Genesis Version) this is quite usual on a Gameboy, they need that to make the sprite visible on the little Gamboy Display. The Sprites are very nice , fun and very well detailed. I believe you can recognize all the four GBs in the main scrren shown on the top of the page.! GFX congrats regaerds also the Ghost wich are well drawn (Slimer especially) and sufficently varied.

Well normally I starts talking about the general concept of thegame , but i've started the article with a consideration on the GFX so let's continue tecnically .. I' ll be back to gameplay later....

Talking about FX .. the SFX are only present with the "Bzzzz" of the Prton Stream or other little weapons' sounds so not much to say. The Music are on the other hand very pleasant to listen althogh I think that the Court Room one is a little out of place.

Animation is honest and sometime also detailed , I' m reffering here to the twisting ghost which has frames for the 8 directions.. don't worry you will understand while playing. And whaching the GBs moving with their big heads is so funny.

Now the big plus of this game is the gameplay. It' easy to play ( I was wondering if I had to adds docs .. finally I did to be coherent with the other VG pages) and also very quick. This is, by the way, the characteristic of most of Gameboy games which have made this portable system #1 in the world.

To be more precise waht I think should be noticed is the speed of game , which means you have not to remember strange keyboard combos or ther, coupled with the concept of team work which is exclusive to this game and very faithful the the real Ghostbusters way of working. You fell a real GB when trapping those Spooks.

As a a conclusion: YOU HAVE TO GET THIS GAME NOW!!

Docs and Cheats

Here follow the l GB2 GAMEBOY Docs based on my experience of play:


Directional keys: Move the Ghostbusters
NOTE: You have only control on the Buster GB ( the one with the PGun), second one will follow you automatically.

A Button : Shoot Proton Stream with the Buster GB

B Button: Release Trap with the Trapper GB


On the Upper left there is a "T xxx" text. This is the time left the complete the level. When it reaches 0:00 all the ghosts in the stage will trnsform in GB Los and will start to move quicker and pass trough walls.

On the Upper Right there is your Score. It increase everity you trap a ghost. At the end of the level you will game a Bonus depending how much time is left in the chronometer described before

On the Bottom Right will apper the Bonuses and Items currently activated.

On the Bottom Center there are 2 life bars made of spheres. the B bar is realted to the Buster GB , the one with the Gun and under you control, the T bar is related to the Trapper GB who follow you. When one of the GB is hit , or touch, a Ghost a sphere for the corresponding bar will desapper. When one of the bar is empty it's Game Over. You have 3 Continues to complete the game.

On the Bottom Left are marked , near the GB logo, how much ghost to be trapped are left. When conter reach 0 the current level is complete.


This is team work. Two steps to follow:

  1. Shoot at a ghost with the Proton Stream to immobilize it.
    NOTE: The effect is temporary. Also a little shhot is enoght but is prefferered to shoot at him even while the trap is getting it to avoid possible surprises
  2. Release the trap and get it.
    NOTE: Be sure that the Trapper near you before starting a Capture Sequence.


When fighting with Bosses the only things to do is shoot at will!! ( "Ohohohho nice shootin' Tex" Peter GB1)
The trapper is invincible so don't care about him. He can help you shooting if you get the right bonus.
You can stop most of the Boss projectiles by shooting at them however be careful.


You will find along the way people who will help you. This can be other GB Members or Luis Tully , Dana Barret..

To interact with them simply walk toward them and press the A Button. They will substitue one GB of the two you play with ( normally the Buster) apporting new equipment ( such, Slime blower...) or give you useful items or even heal one of the 2 GB in the group.

All the bonuses will works autoatically except for the digging tool which is activated by walking toward a wall and pressing the A Button.


The Slime Blower : This si used as a killer weapon. When you use this weeapon ghost will be destroyed at once without needing to be trapped This si only Temporary.

The Shield: Protect one of the Gb from any Ghost attack; This is only temporary.

The Vacuum Cleaner: Permits you to trap ghost without blocking the with a Proton Beam. This weapon is operated by the Buster GB. This is only temporary.

The Digging Tool : Permits you to smash some wall by walking toward them and pushing the A Button. This item is usable only 3 times.

When fighting a End Level Boss the current Bonuses falling from the edge of the screen, are avaible:

The Heart: Gives you an additional life point. For Buster only. During Boss sequences the trapper is invincible.

The Shield: Protects from any Ghost attack; This is only temporary.

The Black sphere: Let the Trapper shoot as you do. Twice the power, half the time. This is only temporary.


Get the Gameboy Ghostbusters II game plus its emulator to run it on your computer. Windows 9x / NT4 emulator.

Instructions and infos on how to launch and use the emulator are here.

For other platform (MacOS, Unix, DOS...) emulator check Zophar Domain.

Note: the game file itself (the .nes file) is commom to all the platforms.