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A little though on the future Official Ghostbusters III Videogame

It's an habit to release VG on important movie licenses ( GB was one of the first but do not forget Star Wars , Indiana Jones etc...) and GB3 should not be an exception when it will be out.. Computer technology has made big leaps and now games such as Quake or Jedi Knight or Unreal are common. Those are three rappresentant of the First Person Shooting genre which is predominant in those days; Although I know that the VG scenes evolves quickly I presume this will not change too much in the next 2 years.

Now imagine : GB3 is released and Sony/Columbia Pictures need a Videogame license; '..someone have to deal with it , and you gonna call?". History teach us that Columbia always gave the rights to Activision which developed an excellent adaptation of the movies 15 ago ( GB has been one of the best sellers of the 8bit system era) or given the task to others good teams (Ex: Dynamix for the PC). So there are good probability that Activision will get the rights again. What that mean?

Well, Activision has reduced a lot is development staff ( actually only made the Mech Warrior series and Interstate in the last few years) and let develop game to other third parties teams. Which are the actual teams which works with or have a publishing deal with Activision? To name some : Ritual entertainment (SiN) , Raven Software (Hexen I, II , Heretic I, II), id Software.(Well, Wolf3D, Doom ,Quake 1,2,3)

Everybody should know them ( or at least id software) , those teams worked on the Quake engines. By the time that GB3 is released Quake3: Arena will be released too, which promise to have the next revolutionary engine of those gurus at id. I bet that if GB3 video game will be made it will use this , or similar, engine since the Quake engine is by long the most used and simply the best development platform for FPS games available!

Just imagine playing Peter in OpenGL with kicking ass 3D effects, lens flares , tri linear filtering in 32bit colors mode!!! WOW!!!!!

I know, GB Total Conversion are in progress ( Doom, Jedi Knight , Mysteries of the Sith Quake2) and I support them 'cause they are doing a real great job!! but having the official resources and support available along with consistent budget open new possibilities...

I do not intend to demoralize TC teams , I'm encouraging them to do the best work they can 'cause when the official game will be on shelves it will be very advanced and full of features. But TC Teams can do better can't they?

Raffaele "BiggBoss" Ruffaldi 1999