Realesed in 1987, published and developped by Data East .
Published on Atari ST & Amiga by Activision in 1988


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The Real Ghostbusters has been a huge success in 1986 ( we grown with that) so , as expectable a VG came out some time after the Animated Series release. I've played it only once back in 1988 and, if my memory still works, in an arcade

I dunno about the arcade version but the Atari ST is a "Standard" 8 bit CPU 16 Colors with good sounds release.

So , what about this game? Really few of us remember it ( I've seen a thraed in the FireHouse Forum once) therefore probably , especially to the youger ones it will be a total surprise. The game is basically a shoot'em up using an "above camera" you have to find and eliminate the boss of each level in a given time with a certain amount of lifes. Basic ? Hey it's an arcade game at a Real time strategy one! Ok move on .... Nice option I notice it has a 2 players simulteneously option. I unfortunately cannot test it but 2 players games doubles the fun! Rember though that the screen should not split so you have to work togheter. Ahh that's nice multiplayer without a ultra slow TCP connection needed ( forgeting the costs...)

I've to tell you , I was disappointed by the GFX , especially after the very well done intro screen (seen below), I don't remeber the Original Arcade graphics so I can't compare ( althogh I quite sure tht the Ecto-1 intro screen was exactly the same...) , however the GFX are not exceptinal , the sprites ( read: guys and spooks) are fairly detailed and the GBs don't even have a resemblace with the ones in the show. Note also that when playing in 2p mode the second GB is the exact copy of the first with the suit's color switched. More cartoonish GFX would have been welcome , the Atari ST can handle this...
The animation is correct and maybe a little reduced by time , but nothing to worry about , when playing yiu don't notice this, it the job of the reviewer.

The sound are enjoyable , both the Protont streams SFX and the RGB theme , which by the way is repeated in all the levels. This time there are no Digital voices effects. Here is the only difference betwen Aima & AtariST. The sound is better this time on Atari ST , I enjoyed more both the music & the sounds. Particularly the Stream sound ws annoying on the Amiga.
The gameplay is cool! I'm pleased when playing this game and in 2p it should be even better! but be warned because it's damn hard!

What I like is that not only you have to shoot at ghosts but also to acually get them with proton bean in order to get bonuses which is a little originality in the game , and originality is always welcome.

As a conclusion , I would say that this is a good game you should download even if you are not a GBFan, a overhead shoot'em up is always welcome and the addition of trapping ghost is a nice though.


Docs and Cheats

Here follow the RGB ATARI-ST Docs based on Game Expirience:


Directions : move the GB

Fire hit once : shoot a projectile

Fire hold down : proton stream

To catch a ghost simply shoot at him with a proton stream , it will come to you



Top first line: player number and score

Top second line: "Ghosts" Number of Ghosts caught
NOTE: 50 ghost got troughout the levels give you a life

Top third line : number of lives

Yellow bar: Your Proton Pack energy , when completely green you can not shoot anymore.

Bottom left: time left for completation.
NOTE: when the contdown reaches 0 you loose a life then the timer will start again

Bottom right: Stage number


Documentation to be completed.

Other Stuff

Nothing for now.


Get the Atari-ST Real Ghostbusters game plus its emulator to run it on your computer. DOS emulator. Works in a Win9x Dos Box

Get the Amiga Real Ghostbusters game plus its emulator to run it on your computer. Win9x emulator.

Instructions and infos on how to launch and use the emulators are here.

For other platform (MacOS, Unix, DOS...) emulator check Zophar Domain.

Note: the game file itself (the .ST file) is commom to all the platforms.