NOTE: The intro of the review is infact from the AtariST article. I though it would have been better to present the game here , as this is the original version.Also notice that the screenshot in this page are in Jpeg format , so they may appear a little blurry. This is not the case while playing.



Released in 1987, published and developed by Data East .
Original version.


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The Real Ghostbusters has been a huge success in 1986 ( we grown with that) so , as expectable a VG came out some time after the Animated Series release. I've played it only once back in 1988 and, if my memory still works, in an arcade

So , what about this game? Really few of us remember it ( I've seen a thread in the Firehouse Forum once) therefore probably , especially to the younger ones it will be a total surprise. The game is basically a shoot'em up using an "above camera" you have to find and eliminate the boss of each level in a given time with a certain amount of lifes. Basic ? Hey it's an arcade game at a Real time strategy one! Ok move on .... Nice option I notice it has a 2 players simultaneously option. I unfortunately cannot test it but 2 players games doubles the fun! Remember though that the screen should not split so you have to work togheter. Ahh that's nice multiplayer without a ultra slow TCP connection needed ( forgetting the costs...)

The difference between the Arcade and AtariST release are obvious ; the GFX , although uses only 64 colors maximum, are WAY BETTER on the Arcade game. The colors are more brilliant and the graphics are very well defined. Some landscape are very pleasant for the eyes (look on your right) and the variety of ghost you encounter works as an anti-monotony although the game still remain a shoot'em-up Additionally they effectively are in the sprit of RGB , totally outrageous and fantastic spooks (look below). The proton stream is also very well rendered and animated. Continuing on animation, the sprites (..Well you got it right?) have fluid movements with frames showing them in the 8 directions. So, when you rotate the GB you actually see him turning and not simply acquiring the new position jumping the intermediate frames as in any other adaptation of the game. My only remark is the not-too-much-worked white ghosts which are practically the same as in the Atari ST. And as always the absence of cartoonish-like sprites for the GB character. But it is a design error not a technical one.

As far as the sound is concerned, I've a note to make. The emulator capable of running the RGB Arcade is evolving very fast but the actual version (0.35b1) has a still working-in-progress support for sounds rendering in RGB so what I'm gonna tell now will be probably change as the emulation get better.Anyway the sound and music are richer and better that the AtariST. The game feature tunes also different from the main RGB theme and are enjoyable and "RGBesque". The SFX are also better produced and richer to hear.

Finally , you should get this game, it's fun even you aren't a GB fan.But actually you are so get it! Also if you are insecure about which RGB game download get this one , is the best available , better GFX, better SFX, better Anims and have also a better nostalgic feel!!!


Docs and Cheats

Here follow the RGB ARCADE Docs based on Game Experience: (Different form the AtariST version)


Directions : move the GB

Fire Button 1 : shoot a projectile

Fire Button 2 : proton stream

To catch a ghost simply shoot at him with a proton stream , it will come to you



Top first line: player number and score

Top second line: "Ghosts" Number of Ghosts caught
NOTE: 50 ghost got throughout the levels give you a life

Top third line : number of lives

Yellow bar: Your Proton Pack energy , when completely green you can not shoot catch ghosts anymore.

Bottom left: time left for completion.
NOTE: when the countdown reaches 0 you loose a life then the timer will start again

Bottom right: Stage number


Documentation to be completed.

Other Stuff

Nothing for now.


Get the ARCADE Original Real Ghostbusters game 2 PLAYERS or
ARCADE Original Real Ghostbusters game 3 PLAYERS

Get MAME 0.35 beta + to run it on your computer.and MAME Interface 2.0 beta (femame) to easly use the emulator.. (Dos emulaotr working on Win9x)

Instructions and infos on how to launch and use the emulator are here.

For other platform (MacOS, Unix, DOS...) emulator check Zophar Domain.

Note: the game files themselves (the .ROM files contained in the Zip) are common to all the platforms.