Realesed in 1987, published and developped by Data East .
Published on Commodore 64 by Activision in 1989


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That's it, another conversion of the RGB arcade game , this time for one of the biggest gaming platform of history, the Commodore 64. This is basically a scaled down version of the Atari-ST game. I could finish my review here but i need to fill the page ...

Don't be to affraid from the ugly title screen ( it's even worse than the GB1 game) ...ehm.. there's no title in fact ... because the rest of the GFX is not so bad.

Let's talk about GFX , as excepted , they are a little blocky but detailed (see image on the left) althogh some sprites (you got what a sprite is?) are really low resolution. What relly has good graphics are the landscape where you move. Don't even try to talk about animation 'cause 3 is the number of frames you can execept from this game. The sound is composed my the omni present GB theme which is played in loop throughout the levels. The quality is good and very similar to the GB1 game.


The gameplay itself is stil good with the 2player options simultanously avaible. It has all the features of the original version.
So should I get it? Well, ther's are two point to considerate: the first is that there is a tecnically better version you can get and also that the disk image i found contains a +2 trainer which permits you to have unlimited energy and be invulnerable ( useful for screenshots but pityful for play) Of course you can disable thoose options...

Get it if you are an old C64 user or relly don't like emulation ( the C64 emulator is easier to use than the AtariST one).

Docs and Cheats

Here follow the RGB COMMODORE 64 docs based on Game Expirience:


Directions : move the GB

Fire hit once : shoot a projectile

Fire hold down : proton stream

To catch a ghost simply shoot at him with a proton stream , it will come to you



Top first line:"Ghosts" Number of Ghosts caught
NOTE: 50 ghost got troughout the levels give you a life

Top second line: number of lives

Top third line : player score

Green bar: Your Proton Pack energy , when completely black you can not shoot anymore.

Center first line: time left for completation.
NOTE: when the contdown reaches 0 you loose a life then the timer will start again

Center second line: Stage number


Documentation to be completed.

Other Stuff

Nothing for now.


Get the Commodore 64 Real Ghostbusters game plus its emulator to run it on your computer. DOS emulator. Works in a Win9x Dos Box

Instructions and infos on how to launch and use the emulator are here.

For other platform (MacOS, Unix, DOS...) emulator check Zophar Domain.

Note: the game file itself (the .D64 file) is commom to all the platforms.