Released in 1993 published by Activision Developed by Kenco


Screen shots kindly provided by Paul Rudoff

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For the GAMEBOY flavor of RGB Activision asked some help to Kenco. So we have a totally different game here from the Arcade/Computer original license of 1985..

Animated GIF 35 secs  Busting Sequnces@ 28.8 kbps

You play as Peter who falls in to a strange , dangerous and mysterious dungeon. How, why, where,when is not described...just admit it. You have to make you way through it in numerous levels."Cool I'm gonna blast spooks in a labyrinth!" you may think; no way!! This dungeon is filled with puzzles you have to resolve to find the exit door the the next one. Sure it does features enemies but those are not legions and can be eliminated only using bombs.(!!!). The Proton Pack is used to blast rocks and created paths in the land. (As show in the image below). Since the streams only shoots diagonally on your feet you have to think on which exactly rock you have to blast or you may be trapped by mass of stones.

Technically speaking the game is pleasant. The maze layout is fairly detailed as well as sprites, they are missing of particular style though , I believe..Drawing in the main/password screens are lazy..Animation is decent with out standing effect. ( Keep also in mind the screen size of a real Gameboy. We are not able to see much details , so additional frames in some cases would be useless) Sound is good , featuring the omnipresent GB theme as well as some game-specific tunes which play randomly throughout the levels. Controls are standard with and inventory support ( for keys and items) but you may have some troubles with ladders at first approach. This is quickly fixed however.

Get the Slime but avoid to be got !
Some GBs are in Parkview Medical Facility so You gotta save to guys by climbing the Parkview building

This is a classic puzzle game for portable console system. The type of Gameboy is famous for. And I've to admit it fun. But it has a major problem : the only thing in common with the Ghostbusters franchise is the title. If instead of Peter Kenco would have used Kirby or Mario, I would not have seen any difference. ( Yeah , the GB theme..) .
It's a funny game so get it if you need a good little game or to complete your collection but not as a Ghostbusters game.



Docs and Cheats

Here follow the Real Ghostbusters Docs based on playing experience :



Direction keys Moves the GB
Fire Button A: Jump
Fire Button B : Use Proton Pack
Start Button : Access inventory and pauses the game

Select Button : Access inventory and pauses the game



In the Bottom left The Screen you can see the Life meter , represented by Hearts. One Hit or fall in water/fire and dangerous environment means -1 heart . 0 heart means death.

On the right of the life meter there is the Timer.Whinch shows you the time in seconds you have to finishes the level. When it reaches 0 you loose a life.

On the bottom right corner an indicator tells you haw many stars you have to collect to get the key to the next level.


The Inventory

Use the direction button to choose the item to use ( an arrow will be displayed below the active object) and press the A button to use it. Number of lives are also displayed as well as a Give up button to end the level. NOTE : To use the keys you bust be place over the lock and then select the key.

The Items

The Stars : must be taken to get the key to the next level.
The Bomb : place it somewhere and let an enemy walk on it to destroy it.
The Keys: There are several type of keys which opens different locks. There are often hidden in rock or hard to access
The Elixir : Make you Invulnerable for a few seconds. You will blink.
The Heart : Will totally restore you life meter.


The Passwords

At the end of each level a Password will be given to you to let you continue from the level you have lastly played. Note it. Password have to be used selecting the Password option in the main screen.

Other Stuff

Here we go again. DA BOX! This is a further proof that Peter is the Character played in the game as he's portrayed on the cover. Got the backside finally , but do not try to read what's on , your eyes may be gone forever...

Big Thanks go to Adam Rease and his cool RGB Web Site for the Front Side.

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Get the Real Ghostbusters Gameboy game .and its emulator Win9x Emulator

Instructions and infos on how to install and launch the game are here


For other platform (MacOS, Unix, DOS...) emulator check Zophar Domain.

Note: the game file itself (the .gb file) is common to all the platforms.