Released in 1984 published and developed by Activision.


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To complete the GB Videogames family , RGB has been adapted to the Spectrum. In 1989, quite late in fact. All other versions appeared before the GB2 movie.

As probably anyone imaged this is the conversion of the DataEast Arcade game. I will not stay on it too much since , like other Spectrum games, this version isn't at the level of the others. The principle is the well known of a buster(s) seen from above , blasting all kind of monsters and capture the ghosts that pop up once dead. Entertaining as a good Arcade Coin Up game. Here again, however the product quality calm everything out. No, I'm not a Spectrum supporter and , begging pardon to the Spectrum fan, I think that the Sinclair Spectrum ZX (full name) was not as good as the rest of the computer system in the early '80.

While the GFX could be saved this time and not so horrible like GB2 along with round if using a 128k machine, the gameplay suffer. The ZX seems to be slow while running the game , resulting in a bad control of the GB, "slow reflexes" from the machine, ruining all the pleasure. It's true that I reviewed the game on a emulator and not on a real ZXS however my machine (A P233/96megs RAM) is way higher than the recommended system and GB2 runned OK so it's RGB itself which slow down the whole thing.
As a conclusion this version could have been better if not suffering for the limitation in speed of the Spectrum machine.


Docs and Cheats

The AtariST Docs can be applied to the ZX Spectrum version with some adjustment :


Directions : move the GB

Fire hit once : shoot a projectile

Fire hold down : proton stream

To catch a ghost simply shoot at him with a proton stream , it will come to you



Top first line: player number and score

Top second line: "Ghosts" Number of Ghosts caught
NOTE: 50 ghost got throughout the levels give you a life

Top third line : number of lives

Yellow bar: Your Proton Pack energy , when completely green you can not shoot anymore.

Bottom left: time left for completion.
NOTE: when the countdown reaches 0 you loose a life then the timer will start again

Bottom right: Stage number


Documentation to be completed.


Other Stuff

In the box tradition here is the RGB Spectrum. How I know this is from a Spectrum based product? I got it from a Sinclair archive! Unfortunately it does not seems to be the original box but a Budget collection one. "The Hit Squad Games" Series.



Get the Spectrum ZX Real Ghostbusters game plus its emulator to run it on your computer. Win9x emulator. Requires Direct-X 3.0 , should work on WinNT 4.0 + Service Pack 3 .

Instructions and infos on how to launch and use the emulator are here.

For other platform (MacOS, Unix, Dos...) emulator check Zophar Domain.

Note: the game file itself (the .zxs,tap,z80,txz file) is common to all the platforms.