20 JULY 99

Some players seems to have problems with the DVD I've added a "DVD TECH HELP" in order to report and trying to solve those issues.

I've found this interesting post some days ago:

Subject: Re: * Ghostbusters Collector's Edition: LD vs. DVD
Date: 1999/07/04
Author: vertigo

Also...for anyone that didn't know...I don't remember where I read it, but Ivan Reitman, who did supervise the transfer to DVD stated that some FX shots that had never been completed, had been completed specifically for the DVD release. However, he didn't state which scenes he was talking about. He also said that in his opinion, the DVD was the ultimate way to view the film, short of a rerelease in theatres, though he admitted that the DVD would display a much nicer print than a theatre screen would. I wish I could remember where I was reading this, because I hate not having sources listed. Oh well... peace Vertigo

Well the SFX thing sounds strage , the rest has been confirmed and the piece on theater realese is interesting , and could preclude a possible rerelease if true IMO.


2 JULY 99

Seems that GB1 DVD is busting some stocks ...litterally and spritually. Lot of people reports that the disc are hard to find 'cause out of stock, too much sold! Best Buys & CompUSA have trobles with stock keeping , and VHS also don't joke as the Wiide screen version get bough quickly and hard to find. CTHV error? NO , absolutely, simply huge request.

What about this site no DVD stuff? Not yet , I live in Europe , I'm working on getting the DVD from overseas (mean USA), as soon I get it I'll put stuff up. I planned to rede all the screen caps from the DVD; in letterbox please! Maenwhile I suffer reading all you guys with your lil' DVD yelling that it's great!

| 29 JUN 99 | DVD released!!!

| 6 JUN 99 | CTHV posted the GB2 DVD Menu, no 3D, simple (too simple?) Take a look.

| 2 JUN 99 | DVD Review has posted a AWSOME AVI from the GB DVD 3D Menus. It's 1.5 megs but it's all images (no sound) so it's aqually long and encoded in "Good"quality. U can see it full screen without out not mucvh deteroration. Cool , you see the Stay Puft marshmallow Man walking and the sign on Shandor Building says "Spook Central"! Great job by CTHV!! Thanks to Castewar for the find.I made it a Quicktime 3 , so Win & Mac users can now see it. Get the movie

| 19 MAY 99 | More news on why GB2 DVD will not be as awesome as GB1 from Proton Charging :

"I've heard a number of people complain that the Ghostbusters II should have the same amount of extras. Why didn't the second movie get the same treatment? Well, since I was in LA, surrounded by new media types, I posed the hypothetical question to a few people and the answer is quite simple. The installed user-base for the DVD market is only 2 million. Studios are wary and careful about what they spend money on and it's not wise to spend money on a second collectors edition DVD when you don't even know if the first one will fly (I think everyone close to it knows it will fly, but the guys with the chequebooks aren't close to it). One DVD head I talked to made a good point. Why would a studio give the fans everything up front right now? What do they do for an encore? A few movies have proven successful in the DVD market and are already getting a second treatment. Taxi Driver has a collectors edition coming out for example. So we can only hope that if the reaction to the collectors edition of the first movie is positive, a collectors edition of the sequel will be in the cards."

| 19 MAY 99 | Having talked to Castewar who actually *watched* a mostly completed version of GB DVD I got some clarifications about the Dual/layer/Dual Sided discussed nature of the Disc. Taken from my ICQ History file:

"castewar 5/18/99 7:24 PM

Well, since I never had to flip it, I'm assuming it's dual layered.
But as I said, I'm not much of a DVD techhead, so I can't say for sure.
Perhaps the player I was using could read both sides at once.

I'm fairly certain it's dual layered."

Never heard of a Dual-Side player , so we can assume that the disc is indeed Single Sided Dual Layered. More infos in the GB DVD FAQ

| 19 MAY 99| GB Vortex posted a large scan of the GB2 DVD Close up as well as a CTHV advert on a magazine featuring the GBs DVDs

| 18 MAY 88 | Proton " The DVD GB Site" Charging has posted yet another GB DVD Feature. More details this time with additionally a early review. Warning: May contains some Spoilers.

| 7 May 99 | GBFF posted some cool media sneak peeks of GB1 DVD , mirrored here at Ecto-Web , thanks to Doreen Mulman and her staff. GREAT WORK!!!

| 3 MAY 99 | GBHQ Posts two Quicktime Movies clip of GBDVD! Cool!

|23 Apr 99| CTHV site has added a Ghostbusters specific section with the official advert , featuring GB2 DVD Cover

GBHQ has the scan of the Box of GB DVD

DVDFILE have some Exclusive Shots from the DVD Menu and the Realtime-shadow commentary.

| 22 Apr 99| According to DVDReview GB2 DVD Will not have Zone protection, while this not concern us , it's strange that a film studio does not try to protect his works, especially when you thnk that , on the other hand, GB1 will have such a protection.

| 20 Apr 99|: Here's the Ghostbusters DVD Cover. (Click on it to see it) Thanks to Ectocopray for reporting me this.

| 19 Apr 99 |According to Wierdscience , the Ghostbusters DVD should be released in UK ( and probably the whole Europe, therefore) on 8Th of July. You can also place orders.

| 15 Apr 99 | HERE IT IS! The Official Press Release of Sony/Columbia Pictures about Ghostbusters & Ghostbusters 2 DVD Release :

A side note: According to the PR GB2 will not benefit from any addition , now that's a pity 'cause, while GB2 did not marked the movie universe ( and our lifes) as much as GB did in 84 it would have been very interesting to have prod notes on it.

| 29 Mar 99 | The date for GB/GB2 DVD Release appear to be confirmed as 29 June 1999 as GB , dvdfiles and some others dcd site have stated.

| 13 Mar 99 | A GBFan posted the following message regarding the DVD release of GB1 in Europe, Station that it will be relapsed on 13 November 1999. :

"Ewoud Heidanus wrote in message <7c86gv$hav$1@freyja.bart.nl>...


I just phoned to ColumbiaTriStar in Holland (+31 035 6250750) and they
told me that GB will be released on DVD. the date is 11-13-99

Ewoud Heidanus"

The info is now outdated


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