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Storyboard - The Firehouse Exploding (12K)
Movie - The Firehouse Exploding (5K)
Storyboard - The GBs find the Stairs (11K)
Movie - The GBs find the Stairs (4K)
Storyboard - The GBs shoots at Slimer (11K)
Movie - The GBs shoots at Slimer (11K)
Storyboard - Dana & Luois on the Altair ready to be trasformed in Terror Dogs (11K)
Movie - Dana & Luois on the Altair ready to be trasformed in Terror Dogs (4K)
Storyboard - Explosqion of light as Dana & Luois are trasformed in Terror Dogs (7K)
Movie - Explosqion of light as Dana & Luois are trasformed in Terror Dogs (5K)
Storyboard - After the explosion (8K)
Movie - After the explosion (5K)
Storyboard - Stay Puft walking (10K)
Movie - Stay Puft walking (6K)
Storyboard - Stay Puft climbing (8K)
Movie - Stay Puft climbing (4K)
Storyboard - Staypuft being shot by the GBs (7K)
Movie - Staypuft being shot by the GBs (4K)
Storyboard - Stay Puft's hand (8K)
Movie - Stay Puft's hand (4K)
Storyboards - Crossing the streams (8K)
Movie - Crossing the streams (5K)

This scene has been shot exactly as shown. Note also the details of the drawing that indicates that the storyboards should have been drawn after principal photography.

This scene is almost identical. One of the 'buster is missing and the camera position is slightly nearer to the guys that in the storyboards.. Also notice the position of the guys, on the side instead of giving their front to the stairs.

This time the shot is different. While the storyboard opt for a low-angle shot from the ground showing a 'buster foot in the movie the camera has been ported to shoulder level and the second 'buster on the left it totally invisible, we see only the stream of its Neutrona Wand.

The difference here resides in the fact the two pedestal seems to be nearer one each other and the position of the characters are different from the final shooting. Notice that Louis still has the appearance of John Candy and that the clothes are not the ones finally used.

While the angle is respected is the scene that changes this time. The GBs duck behind the wall during the explosion, almost touching it, while in the final shooting , the guys simply cover their eyes still standing near what is a column, which is smaller that it appear on the sketch.

This scene has been cut from final shooting. In the movie we see the TDogs using the same camera view as in the transforming sequence,The GBs are off camera. Then, it cut directly to "OK, she's a dog" line.

This footage is absent from the movie, instead we see people running all over the place, escaping from Stay Puft.

The climbing start scene is totally different. In The storyboards we see from the side Stay Puft climb, no church visible, nor its feet. In the movie,on the other hand, using a low angle, Stay Puft step on the church to climb the Shandor Building. Probably the church idea came later seeing that the building was place aside church.

This is a replica from the storyboard.. There's a difference in camera position again, far away, but the shot is exactly as drawn There's fire on the sketch only shown on the next camera shot in the movie but I believe this is probably a liberty taken by the artist.

Here, the scene as some basic differences. Firstly, the GB originally were supposed to jump to the left, while the scene has been shot reversed. Also only ray is on screen when the hand land on the floor, there's two GB on the drawing.. It's possible that the picture as been reversed as done many time during the movie.

The Stay Puft appear to be position deeper in the background and smaller too. The GB are position slightly on the left while on the storyboard they are parallel to Staypuft's head.Finally the camera is ,again , closer to the guys than in the drawing.