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From 15 December 1998 to 5 January 1999

Which is your favorite GB2 Scene?

The Guys Drilling The Hole In The Road (0)0% 
Luis Defends The Guys As Their Attorney (5)21%
The Guys Get The Scoleri Bros (12)50%
Photos Burn In The GB Lab (1)4%
Guys In The Sewers (3)13%
Guys in the restaurant (0)0% 
Liberty's Ride (3)13%
Luis Saves The Day (0)0% 

24 Total Votes

Personal vote: Photos burn in GB Lab

When we talk about GB2 , since the general opinion states that it sucked as a sequel, you should probably talk about the "less worst", anyway the vast majority seems to have accept better the Guys trying to get the Scoleris.As a matter of fact this is the only "busting sequence in the movie , that's the main reasons that lead us to such a results, although almost anyone agree that this scene is not reaching the quality of GBs first bust in GB1 . Personally I really liked the Burning photos in GB2 (It gave me creeps in 91 when I was 11). This is the most dramatic part of the movie and that a pity that they haven't expanded it a little. While some scenes there (sorry but I've to choose only 8 of them so probably your real favorite is absent) were not voted at all I was surprised to notice that someone gave his point to the ultra-criticezed Libby's ride. Once again this how the fan have voted!!

Poll 3: From 2 December 1998 to 14 December 1998

Which is your favorite GB1 Scene?

The Guys In The Library Try To Get The Ghost (6)22%
"Zuuul!!" In The Fridge (0)0% 
Peter Inspect Dana's Apartment (1)4%
Marshmallow Man Arrival (6)22%
GB First Bust (9)33%
Spooks Escape From The Firehouse (2)7%
GBs Preparing To Face Gozer (3)11%
Gozer Arrival (0)0% 

27 Total Votes

Personal vote: Spooks Escapes from the Firehouse

Well, I excepted more on the Dana's incident in the kitchen , I think is one of the most original idea on the movie and I really enjoyed it ... however , the rest was quite excepted but , here again, Spook off the firehouse with the "Magic" by Nick Smaley was very suggestive in my view... as well as the military escorting the GBs while hearing "Savin' the day". This is how the community voted.

Poll 4: From 16 November 1998 to 1 December 1998

Should Ectoplasm (the glue-like stuff in GB1) be back in Ghostbusters 3?
YES, It's good! (27)87%
NO. It pointless (1)3%
Don't care (3)10%

31 Total Votes

Personal vote: YES, it's good

Once again I agree with the final results.In my opinion the Ectoplasm ( from which this site has its name) added a scientific vision in GB1 that is missing in GB2 which is mostly an action flick without any ghost related theories. I hope that Aykroyd and Ramis will remember of it while writing the next GB movie.

Poll 3: From 1 November 1998 to 15 November 1998

What is your opinion about new entries on the GB Team in Ghostbusters 3?
GOOD IDEA! It would be great! (12)43%
BAD IDEA ! The 4 guys are THE only Ghostbusters: No newbies!! (15)54%
Don't care (1)4%

28 Total Votes

Personal vote :
BAD IDEA ! The 4 guys are THE only Ghostbusters: No newbies!!

I've to admit that I'm happy that the negative answer won. However I'm impressed by the quick evolution of the Good Idea answer. In fact the 43% of votes it got came all from the 2nd week, since then the disagreement was winning far ahead.. I would like to congratulate the only courageous guy who vote "Don't care" he has guts!! :) It seems that whatever happen the GB team in the third movie , fans will not be disappointed to much.


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