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What would be the best Age Range for an eventual New Team?

15-18 (7)21%
19-25 (10)30%
26-30 (10)30%
31-35 (4)12%
36-40 (1)3%
More (0)0% 
Don't care (1)3%

33 Total Votes

Personal Vote : 31-35

Well , EGB got its influence since 21% of guys answered 15-18. I would honestly HATE to see teens GB , after all the GB are adults and doctors...that's why I answered 31-35 , this was the age we the GB went in business. GB are scientist not only guys with nuclear guns. However 26-30 (as 19-25 got a good percentuage...not as good as 31-35 , but better that nothing.

Who would you like to compose the Original Score of GB3?

Elmer Bernstein (GB1) (10)37%
Randy Edelman (GB2, MacGyver) (1)4%
John Williams (Star Wars, Indy) (9)33%
Danny Elfman (Batman, MiB) (6)22%
Alan Silvestry ( Bodyguard, Forrest Gump) (0)0% 
Bill Conti (Rocky) (1)4%

27 Total Votes

Personal Vote : Elmer Bernstein

First of all , I forgot to include George Femton , rumored to be the future composer of GB3 but it was too late. As for the current results,nothing surprising. Bernstein made a great job on GB1 , also considering the little time he got to do the job, and a mass voting for him was obvious. Then come John Williams. This is probably caused by the Star Wars Ep1 fever. Don't get me wrong Williams is probably the greatest but he normally don't work in comedy flicks. Danny Elfman is third, Elfman with it's dark music has a lot of fan around the world. Finally Randy Edelman and Bill Conti close the list as Silvestry has been totally ignore, which is strange since he made so much work that I expeted a little more for him.

From 20 January 1999 to ... 1999

Talking about Videotapes , which Pan&Scan version you (would) prefer to see?

The First is definitely better (10)63%
The Second is the best (1)6%
The Third appeared on StarZ is too good! (2)13%
Don't know (3)19%

16 Total Votes

Personal vote: "The first is definitely better"

OK I've to admit that this one is difficult. Even with the links to documentation people still have troubles to understand what a pan&scan is.And even they know they had to read the docs to answer. This should explains the low partecipation.However someone has voted. How? As you may see the majority worships the first p&s appeared just after the movie. This part is so big that the other entries are futile. One voted for the p&s2 and 2 for the 3rd. I suppose that the 3 remaining had some troubles but let's officially state that they are neutral. This results make a question arising : why Columbia made a different p&s? The first had no problems , and the results demonstrate that the public appreciated. So, why the second? As for the 3rd there's a possibility that Startz directly edited himself the movie.


From 6 January 1999 to 20 January 1999

Which is your favorite GB Big Bad Guy?

Gozer the Traveler etc... (11)44%
Vigo the Carapathian (13)52%
Indifferent (1)4%

25 Total Votes

Personal vote: Indifferent

This poll started with a clear advantage to Vigo, but in only 3 days the Traveler reach his rival who finally won for 2 little votes. I voted indifferent. Each BBB has different properties, the Traveler is perfect for a comedic approach of the thing while Vigo starts in a movie were the GBs are not painted like simple guys doing there job and occasionally save the world but true heroes fighting the Evil. And Vigo is The Evil. That's probably why he won. Shandor's worship present him/her/itself as a giant Marshmallow Man smiling , which is a absolutely great for a comedy but do not recall a real sentiment of evil in the watcher while Vigo is way more creepy.


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